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Today’s wine specials

Offers good through August 1, 2015

We have some new delights and some trusted standbys up for grabs this month. So explore and re-stock your vino rack. Company coming?

$10.99 Liberty School Paso Robles Cabernet

Don’t miss out on this great wine! Save $5

$10.99 Murphy-Goode Homefront Red

A wonderful red blend made by Edina’s own David Ready, Jr. Partial proceeds go to U.S. veterans and their families. Save $4

All Boxed Wines 10% Off!

$6.57 Columbia Crest Riesling

Tasty, tasty! Regularly $8.99

NEW! Prophecy Wines, $8.97

Rich, voluable. Good with steak, beef, wild game, and stews. Regular price $12.99.

Jailbreak Wines, $7.57

Try something different this time! Regular price $14.59!

Today’s beer specials

Offers good through August 1, 2015

When do we get paid and where’s the beer at? Boys are coming over. Got enough thirst-quenchers? 😀

$16.97 Bud & Bud Light 24 cans, regularly $19.99

$16.97 Mich Golden Light 24 cans, regulary $19.99

$9.57 Grain Belt Premium 12-pack bottles, regulary $11.59

$12.97 Mike's Hard 12-pack bottles, regulary $15.99

$13.97 Stella Artois 12-pack bottles , regulary $15.99

$14.97 Milwaukee Best 16 oz 24-pack cans, regulary $16.99

Today’s spirits specials

Offers good through August 1, 2015

Just remembered: Homer’s coming over and you’ll need a decent Scotch. Oh, and Nancy. What’s in a Manhattan? You’ll need that. Better just call Bottle Stop.
Tap to call Bottle Stop

Bulleit Rye Whiskey, 750 ml $25.99 Now only $21.99

Smirnoff Vodka 1.75L, 1.75 liter $23.99 Now only $18.99

Tanqueray Rangpur Gin, 1.75 liter $42.99 Now only $33.99

Svedka Cherry Vodka, 1.75 liter $23.99 Now only $18.99

Kahlua Hazelnut Liqueur, 750 ml $19.99 Now only $14.99

Captain Morgan Lime Bite Rum, 1.75 liter $26.99 Now only $22.99


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